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kalindis advtures children's books
In Memory of
Rebecca Ann Sedwick
According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survery,  approximately 16 percent of  students in high school reported being bullied through electronic communication devices by their peers. While these numbers are just a small snapshot of the increasing dangers associated with the misuse of technology, even more startling are the known 12 cases of suicides prompted by cyber-bullying since 2010. This effort is dedicated to
Rebecca Ann Sedwick,
who at the tender age of 12, tried desperately to escape these statistics to no avail...

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Taunting post leads to arrests in Rebecca Sedwick bullying case

Phoenix, Arizona -- Everyday millions of children log on to the internet, send text messages using smart phones and access applications that provide greater socializing capabilities.  With broadened access, who is your child socializing with and what dangers are involved? With young teens and
tweens frequenting sites online, what safeguards are in place for preventing cyber-bullying attacks from occurring? Moreover, what can parents do to improve their knowledge and increase their awareness to keep their family safe against unnecessary intrusions?

I Will Not Bully Inc. – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization believes that now more than ever, parents need to take a front row seat in navigating their child’s online activity. “When I learned about Rebecca Sedwick’s tragic end nearly twenty-eight days ago, I couldn’t walk away from the thought of this young lady feeling as if she had no other alternative but to take her life,” said Tamicia Currie, Founder of the Phoenix based non-profit. “The world will never know what it’s missing because she is no longer here with us but our plan is to keep her memory alive and not leave this as another forgotten life,” said Currie. 

In memory of Rebecca Ann Sedwick, the organization has recently launched a new division,
CyberKnow™ that focuses on cyber-bullying prevention and awareness. In addition to acting as a taskforce, their goal is to encourage parents to take a proactive approach to preventing cyber-bullying by getting educated or denying access entirely. “When it comes to the internet or any device that allows children to send and receive messages, we can’t sit in the back seat and allow children to take the steering wheel. Children lack the skill and understanding that it takes to discern dangers. Their willingness to see the consequences is often overshadowed by the euphoria of being in the moment. That’s why they need our protection.” She concludes.

CyberKnow™, envisions programs and preventative measures that foster greater accountability against cyber-bullying on the home front, an increase in online security in school computers and an improvement in safeguarding technological applications global wide.  Their motto: “If you don’t know, say “NO!” is the baseline for parents to prevent access or engage in preventative support.

For more information visit www.cyberknow.org and www.iwillnotbully.org.