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kalindis advtures children's books
kalindis advtures children's books
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kalindis advtures children's books
In Memory of
Rebecca Ann Sedwick

It's important now more than ever to be in the know about cyber-bullying and inclusively, your child's online activity. With the click of the mouse or the touch of a text, children all over the world are being bullied especially through social media. If you don't know what your child is doing online, say "No!" You may save their life!

KNOW when your child is online
KNOW what cyber-bullying is
KNOW the warning signs; know the dangers or say NO!
KNOW who your child is talking to online
KNOW what your child is doing online
Where can Parents turn to when they need preventative support and educational information about cyber-bullying prevention? CyberKnow understands the importance of keeping children safe and keeping parents aware of the many dangers that often take place through the use of technological and digital communication devices. At CyberKnow, our motto is: "If you don't know, say "NO!" Let us be the resource you need; we truly care!

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What can I do if my child is being bullied on facebook?
What laws are in place for cyber-bullying in my state?
Current Taskforce Cyber Issues:
October 17, 2013: 11:00 a.m. PST - We're aware that a report has surfaced regarding changes to facebook that will now enable teen users to post publicly on the site which gives them the same posting capabilities as 18+ users. We're looking into the matter and will report our findings here and via social media.