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kalindis advtures children's books
kalindis advtures children's books
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kalindis advtures children's books
In Memory of
Rebecca Ann Sedwick
KNOW what you should do if you're the victim
KNOW what cyber-bullying is
KNOW the warning signs; know the dangers or say NO!
KNOW how-to prevent cyber-bullying
KNOW what online safety is
If you're a Student, you've been online and witnessed cyber-bullying take place through name-calling, spreading false rumors, viewing private photographs that were posted for everyone to see, watched videos that someone else circulated with the intent to humiliate another person, or engaged in similar activity yourself. At CyberKnow, we want to help you understand the consequences for participating, the methods for preventing such occurences and the importance of supporting victims to help them overcome.

Our goal is to offer educational tools, support to increase your awareness and gain your commitment to advocate against cyber-bullying. Our motto for students is very simple: "If you Know, say "No!" Don't participate in cyber-bullying. Remember: Words do hurt; don't use your words or ways as a weapon. If you're a victim, offender or know someone who is, call us today at 1-888-473-6889 or e-mail report@cyberknow.org to get help. We're here for you!

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