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From the Author & Adaptor:
The Juice & Berries® characters adaptation rivals my Father-in-Law, my son and my daughter - all of whom I deeply cherish, love and adore.  When you have family, it's important to invest in them - not only for today but equally for tomorrow.  Although names have been recreated to fit the characters - everyday when I rise I am overjoyed to have my own Papa Juice soaking us in wisdom, Rhonda Berrie patting my hair and DJ Berrie begging for another bowl of cereal.  But none of these treasures would exist without the TOTAL CONTRIBUTION.

THE TOTAL CONTRIBUTION is the one that begins at the beginining. It's everything and everyone that has suffered for you to succeed - allowed  oppression for your succession.  It's anything that became everything when you thought you were down to nothing. I'm grateful to my family for showing me that nothing is more important than being with those you love and for being my dream that has already come true.  Until next time...I must go for now - Rhonda & DJ Berrie are early risers and they're asking for a healthy breakfast start!

makes her own contribution with
The Juice & Berries® Adventures!

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