7 Reasons to Postpone Your Wedding!
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#1   How Committed Are You To God? God is the glue that makes your marriage stick together.  Regardless of how each partner may feel during challenges itís Godís way that should prevail.  Your relationship with God is highly important to maintaining a harmonious relationship with your spouse.  Be certain that youíre willing to do as God desires!

#2   Is Marriage Godís Plan For Your Life?
Despite the fairy tales of white picket fences and fresh hot buttery biscuits being served by your mate everyday, Godís purpose for your life may not include marriage.  Divorce should never be relied upon as a cover to conceal a mistake. Be sure to consult God before plunging in head first!

#3   Have You Matured To a Place of Realizing Marrying For Money, Status or Wholeness Is Not The Answer? Do you really love her?  Does she really love you?  Sounds a bit juvenile but the fantasy of  being able to acquire wealth, feel the temporary glory of prestige or escape dealing with a wounded soul have lead many down the wrong path.  Be Certain itís LOVE! Lust can easily mask itself behind emotions.

#4   Is It The Right Time To Seal The Deal?
Weíve all heard theirs a time and season for everything.  In this case...no kidding!  Cool the steam from your britches before you end up getting burned.  If youíre to spend a lifetime together there is no need to rush ahead of God. Keep him in control!

#5   Have You Successfully Completed Pre-Marital Counseling as a Couple? Godly counseling is the best gift you could give to your marriage.  A discerning ear can always hear what you or your partner may have tucked away.  

#6   How Committed Are You to Keeping Your Vows? So you think the divorce rate is high?  The lack of commitment rate is even higher!  Marriage is not a game! Take it seriously both before and after or at least wait until you can.

#7   Are You Ready to Fight? No, not your spouse!  Are you ready to fight for your marriage no matter what the cost may entail? The forces are out and you are not exempt from battle.  Be prepared at all times with a loving kiss in one hand and a weapon of warfare in the other.  Stay Alert!  Your adversaries are always looking for an entry way into your relationship. Not to mention those closest to you. Be discreet!