There are many underlying
causes for bullying but only
one prescription for healing
the growing epidemic:
Personal Accountability!
Educational Tools & Resources for Bully Prevention!
I remember hearing 9 words that changed my life as a parent:
“I wish I would’ve never gone to school today!”  It was one of the most shocking assertions coming from a child who naturally enjoys school, wakes up every morning excited to learn and completes their homework on time,
with ease

For those reasons, I was reluctant to accept what I heard as face value but it was clear that I was far from misunderstanding the message. As I explored a little further, the next words, delivered in a victimized fashion, were,
“They bully me at school!” This is where my heart sank, and I immediately felt myself become numb as I searched for comforting words.  It was then I realized our family had become a part of an ever-growing number of households around the world, whose children have been touched by this epidemic. 

Why is bullying quickly becoming an epidemic?  The answer is quite simple:
Bullying is like an infection; it's uncontrollable if not immediately stopped. It spreads into our schools, our communities, our homes and eventually into adult lives if not corrected.   There are many underlying causes for bullying but only one prescription for healing: Personal Accountability by utilizing the POWER OF I
9 words started this journey and 9 words will complete it!

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The 9 Creed of I will not Bully, Inc.
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2012 Upcoming Events:

•December 31, 2012 - December 31, 2014
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•October 1, 2012 - I will not Bully, Inc. National Bullying-Prevention Month Public Participation Hand Print Pledge & fundraiser from 3-6pm. Lend your hand to this creative artistic community art project, eat delicious ice cream, and pickup prevention information.

•October 6,  2012 - I will not Bully, Inc. & Scooptacular Ice Cream National Bullying-Prevention Month Public Participation Hand Print Pledge & fundraiser from 12-2pm. Lend your hand to this creative artistic community art project, eat delicious ice cream, and pickup prevention information. 

•October 20,  2012 -  I will not Bully  Inc. is hosting a free "Read to Me" event from the children's book series "The Juice & Berries Adventures". Children will hear the story of a young boy who falls into the hands of a bully at school. When he doesn't handle it very well his grandfather helps him tune-up his behavior by teaching him the six-core values of good character through a song. The title of the book is "Do The Right Thing When Nobody's Looking!" Click Here to Register

Plus: All children can participate in the Public Hand Print Pledge that will be showcased in the library for National Bullying-Prevention Month. The event will be held at Ceasar Chavez Library on 35th ave. & Baseline from 1-3pm.  All ages welcomed; open to the public.


•November 21, 2012 - I will not Bully Inc. at Skateland in Mesa, Arizona for a community event and awareness rally. 5pm - 8pm.


December 15, 2012 - I Will Not Bully Inc. at Encanto park  - Annual Children's Celebration
& Vigil in Remembrance of Newtown. 11a.m. - 3p.m.

2013 Upcoming Events & Calendar (Please note: All events may not be listed)

•February 2013 -  I will not Bully Inc. is holding an audition for a commercial PSA. This audition is for all ages. We're looking for a wide range of models from youth to senior models. Email for more information.

•February 15,  2013 -  AALLCAZ Summit at the Arizona State Capitol focusing on youth, environment, education, health and justice.

•February 24,  2013 - 6 P.M. - I Will Not Bully Inc. & The Phoenix Suns hosts a community awareness event, game day and fundraiser for Arizona’s Kids! Click here for more information>>

•March 23,  2013,  5-7p.m.  - Bounce for Bullying-Prevention at Flip Dunk, the 19,000 sq.ft.  indoor trampoline park for a little high-flying fun! - Created by the Phoenix Suns Gorilla, Flip Dunk is Arizona's only recreational park and dance center offering a one-of-a kind experience with trampolines on the floors, walls - bungee trampolines as well as tumble tracks with basketball hoops for a slam dunk finish. Register your group, school or bring out the entire family! It's going to be fun!

•April - May 2013  - Roosevelt School District 9-Creed Sessions

•May - Mid June 2013
- I Will Not Bully Summer Academy Program
•August 3, 2013 - I Will Not Bully Fundraiser at Barro's Pizza in Laveen, Arizona

•October 2013 - December 2013 - I Will Not Bully's Pre-launch of CyberKnow

•February 5, 2014 @ 7PM  - TAKE A STAND. LEND A HAND!
Presented by Mesa Public Schools

When:Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Where:Piper Repertory Theater
Start time:7:00 p.m.
On Sale to the Public:Now
Price:$8 - children 5 and under are free

Dobson High School Dance Company is proud to present the 10th Annual High School Charity Dance Showcase. This collaborative performance will feature the dance companies from Dobson, Mesa, Red Mountain, Skyline, and Westwood High Schools. Guest companies include Campo Verde, Desert Ridge, Gilbert, Highland, and Mesquite High Schools. Funds raised will be presented to the "I Will Not Bully" non-profit organization in the Valley. General admission. Tickets may be purchased online at or one-half hour prior to showtime at Mesa Arts Center.

•December 3, 2013  - Gilbert Town Hall - Cyberbullying Symposium
•February 9, 2014 @ 11:00 a.m.  - 62nd ANNUAL LAVEEN BBQ - Community Outreach

When: Sunday, February 6, 2014
Where: Corona Ranch located at 7611 S. 29th Ave, Laveen (29th Ave & Baseline)
Start time: 11:00 a.m.
Price:$2 or entrance fee included in the cost of a BBQ meal purchase.
•March 13, 2014  - Dobson High School
Kick off of I Will Not Bully Inc's 'Words do Hurt!' Campaign, The 9-Creed Presentation & Pledge with an honorary appearance by teen advocate, model, and ambassador, Malloy Sells, 2014 Miss Teen Paradise Valley.

• April 2, 2014 - Watch I Will Not Bully's Teen Ambassador, Malloy Sells, on Arizona Midday at 1 p.m. on Channel 12, Phoenix.

• April 9, 2014 - Join I Will Not Bully Inc. for AZ Gives Day 2014 where the community participates in a statewide pledge day for 24-hours. Want to help our organization continue providing services? Schedule your donation today by visiting .

• April 9, 2014 - Bring your pledge and meet I Will Not Bully Inc. at Dunkin' Donuts located at 2131 E. Camelback Road , Phoenix , Arizona 85016, for our official AZ Gives Day 2014 kickoff. I Will Not Bully Inc. will be on-site handing out pledge cards, stickers and information about our organization. Bring the kiddos and enjoy delicious donuts while supporting our efforts on AZ Gives Day. Make a pledge!