There are many underlying
causes for bullying but only
one prescription for healing
the growing epidemic:
Personal Accountability!
Educational Tools & Resources for Bully Prevention!
I will not Bully, Inc. offers an array of stand-alone and complimentary programs. In
addition to our curriculum, national bullying-prevention month tools, character education
programs, as well as anti-bullying programs, we offer the following CICTR community and
family resources:

Services:  CICTR Services (Counseling, Intervention, Community, Training, Recreation)

1. Counseling
a. Peer-to-Peer
b. Parent-to-child
c. Teacher-to-student
d. Employer-to-employee

2. Intervention, Mentoring & Mediation

3. Community Resources
a. Programs & Recreation
b. Family assistance
c. Fundraising Tools & Anti-bullying promotional items

4. Training/Workshops
a. Students
b. School Staff
c. Parents
d. Employers & Employees

5. Recreation
a. Anti-Bullying  / Character Education
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provide a rewarding educational
experience for groups of all ages.

Topics include but are not limited to:

The 9-Creed
Cyber-Bullying Prevention
Conflict Resolution
Personal Accountability
Character Education

The 9 Creed:

- Integrity
- Forgiveness
- Compassion
- Completeness
- Tolerance
- Selflessness
- Leadership
- Unity
- Generosity
I remember hearing 9 words that changed my life as a parent:
"I wish I would have never gone to school today!"  It was one of the
most shocking assertions coming from a child who naturally enjoys
school, wakes up every morning excited to learn and completes their
homework on time,
with ease.

For those reasons, I was reluctant to accept what I heard as face
value but it was clear that I was far from misunderstanding the
message. As I explored a little further, the next words, delivered in a
victimized fashion, were, "
They bully me at school!" This is where my
heart sank, and I immediately felt myself become numb as I searched
for comforting words.  It was then I realized our family had become a
part of an ever-growing number of households around the world,
whose children have been touched by this epidemic.

Why is bullying quickly becoming an epidemic?  The answer is quite
Bullying is like an infection; it's uncontrollable if it's not
immediately stopped. It spreads into our schools, our communities,
our homes and eventually into adult lives if it's not corrected.
There are many underlying causes for bullying but only one
prescription for healing:
Personal Accountability by Utilizing the
I.  9 words started this journey and 9 words will
complete it!

Welcome to
The 9 Creed of I will not Bully, Inc.®